You see, Man and Wolf used to be great friends. Man fed wolf, and sometimes even tamed a few of us! We ran along side them, Trusted them with our lives, and held them dear to our hearts.

But every dream comes to an end...

And sometimes turns into a nightmare.

The humans betrayed us. They started making Factories that were unhealthy to the earth. It affected all of us. One day,The wolves would be fine, The next, The die. And the humans peronallity changed, Also. They started kicking all the canines ut of their homes. The ones that still lived started forming packs. Little did the humans know that a sickness was overtaking them....

The humans eventually became... Something else. They were rotting. Inside of them, they were rotting. Then, Finally... All of them died. But their deaths didn't last long...

The humans returned. But they weren't humans anymore. They were monsters. Rotting, dead and deadly monsters. With no one to care for the factories, They eventually exploded into oblivion. Imagine, All the factories in the world exploding? Well, Some of those factories included things like Nuclear Reactors. One by one, Continents were destroyed. First came Asia. Then Europe. After Went North and South America. The last one to not explode was Australia, Were the very last pack remained. Wolves of other contries fled to australia, and far. But, Eventually, Australia was destroyed aswell. But the wolves were no longer on there. They fled to a large island. But the wolves weren't the only ones who fled...

Welcome to the last island on earth.

But why am I explaining you this, If your a member?!

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Kellen || Rough Draft

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Kellen || Rough Draft Empty Kellen || Rough Draft

Post by Kellen on Sun Jun 16, 2013 12:46 pm

Name: Kellen

Age: 7

Nickname: Kel, Kelly

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Mate: Nope

Pup(s): Not going to happen

Rank: Medic

Physical Appearance:
He bares a short egg shell coat and deep almond eyes, there are no scars or unusual markings adorning his body and he actually looks quite plain. He's not a very bulky wolf, rather built for long walks or runs. Where he lacks in strength and speed, he makes up for it with stamina. He was never much of a fighter, and to this day it reins true. Through his years of living and surviving on his own, he never picked up any fighting skills, prefering to keep room up there for herbs and such. He's quite smaller than a lot of other wolves and skinnier as well, probably due to the lack of food to be found after the apocolypse.

Kellen is a perfectionist. He always takes his time and does things right. He may come accross as indifferent though it's never the case. He's very passionate in everything he does and is actually quite competitive even when competition is not needed or wanted. He's very single minded and prefers working alone rather than in a group. Though he doesn't mean to, he often hogs the spot light and tends to take the lead even if a leader isn't needed. It's easy for him to squabble with other wolves but he very rarely sinks to violence. He often finds that words are enough.

Fear(s): Losing, zombies

Like(s): Being the smartest wolf in the room

Dis-like(s): Losing, zombies, Dull headed wolves,

History: WIP

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