You see, Man and Wolf used to be great friends. Man fed wolf, and sometimes even tamed a few of us! We ran along side them, Trusted them with our lives, and held them dear to our hearts.

But every dream comes to an end...

And sometimes turns into a nightmare.

The humans betrayed us. They started making Factories that were unhealthy to the earth. It affected all of us. One day,The wolves would be fine, The next, The die. And the humans peronallity changed, Also. They started kicking all the canines ut of their homes. The ones that still lived started forming packs. Little did the humans know that a sickness was overtaking them....

The humans eventually became... Something else. They were rotting. Inside of them, they were rotting. Then, Finally... All of them died. But their deaths didn't last long...

The humans returned. But they weren't humans anymore. They were monsters. Rotting, dead and deadly monsters. With no one to care for the factories, They eventually exploded into oblivion. Imagine, All the factories in the world exploding? Well, Some of those factories included things like Nuclear Reactors. One by one, Continents were destroyed. First came Asia. Then Europe. After Went North and South America. The last one to not explode was Australia, Were the very last pack remained. Wolves of other contries fled to australia, and far. But, Eventually, Australia was destroyed aswell. But the wolves were no longer on there. They fled to a large island. But the wolves weren't the only ones who fled...

Welcome to the last island on earth.

But why am I explaining you this, If your a member?!

If you are a member, LOG IN AND JOIN THE FUN!

If you are not, Feel free to register, and talk with us!


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Spirit's Bio.

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Spirit's Bio.  Empty Spirit's Bio.

Post by Spirit on Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:04 pm

Name: Spirit
Age: 4 Years
Nickname: Mist
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Mate: Dead
Pup(s): Amber, Ghost, And Sage
Rank: Aggressor
Physical Appearance: Spirit has strong muscles, but they never show. Her fur is a silky pure white, and she has short hair. Her eyes are icy blue and she has sharp teeth and claws. Spirit's teeth are completely white, and when she bites a wolf and makes it bleed, her teeth do not have any blood on them. The same thing with her claws. When she scratches a wolf and makes it bleed, her claws have no blood on them. Spirit is slim and her muscles don't show, but she is fast and has high endurance. Spirit is very protective over her pups and doesn't really trust ANYONE with her pups. But, she needs someone to look after them when she is busy. When she's not busy she takes care of her pups.
Personality: Spirit is a mysterious wolf. She likes to run and loves pups. She also likes to keep watch at night, making sure everyone is save. She has 3 pups. Spirit goes into the city every now and them to collect food for the pack. She usually comes back with dried food or small animals. She can be loyal and she cares about her pack. She is very protective over her pups, and doesn't really trust anyone with them. If she sees a lone wolf, she will chase it for miles, making sure it stays away from her pack.  
Fear(s): Humans, And Zombies
Like(s): Pups, Elk Meat, Fish, Night, And Safety
Dis-like(s): Guns, Poison, Zombies, And Lone Wolfs
History: Spirit was born from a litter of 5. When she was 1 year old her mother and father died. Her other siblings wandered off while Spirit stayed in her parent's den.  Winter came and it was cold and harsh, and she was hungry. Eventually she couldn't take it anymore, and left. Over the years she taught herself how to hunt, and how to stay warm and safe. One day, when she was 3, she saw a human carrying a wolf, which seemed to be asleep. Suddenly, the wolf woke up. It scratched the human's back and ran away. Spirit jumped out of the bush and attacked the human. She damaged the human, but did not kill it. She looked for the wolf that had escaped and found him. He was a black male. His name was Coal. She fell in love with him, and they mated. When spring came, they had 3 pups. Amber, Ghost, and Sage. But one day, Coal got caught in a forest fire, and sadly died. Spirit took Ghost, Amber, and Sage to a new den, but it was close to the city. When the infection spread, Spirit ran far away from the city, and ran into a pack of wolfs. The pack let her join, and she stayed in that pack.  
RP Example: Spirit took Amber, Ghost, and Sage to the canine forest. Spirit told her pups that they were looking for a den. They looked everywhere for a den, but couldn't find one. Ghost collapsed in exhaustion. Amber and Sage sat down by ghost, and Amber started tugging on spirit's fur. Spirit laid down. All of them were completely exhausted. Later Spirit got up and nudged Sage and Amber. Amber, Sage, and ghost were asleep, and Spirit was guarding them. Spirit picked up Ghost. Fur started flying everywhere. Ghost always had some loose fur here and there. Spirit kept on walking forward with Ghost in her mouth and Amber and Sage tripping over her tail. Finally, they found a den. They went inside the den and curled up. Just then, the wolves that lived there came back. One of the wolves was black and had one red eye and one blue eye. I guess he had a pack and was the alpha. I got out as soon as I could. He growled at me and I backed away, carrying my pups in my mouth. I told him I came in peace and meant no harm, and saw a den with no one in  it, and went inside the den. At first I thought I was in big trouble, but he didn't say anything, so I calmed down a bit. I was scared to ask if I could join his pack. But then I managed to ask. I knew he was going to say no, but he actually said yes. Most of the wolves in his pack didn't like me, but I just ignored them. I got used to the pack. A wolf named Marr seemed to take care of the pups. I gave her my pups to take care of.

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