You see, Man and Wolf used to be great friends. Man fed wolf, and sometimes even tamed a few of us! We ran along side them, Trusted them with our lives, and held them dear to our hearts.

But every dream comes to an end...

And sometimes turns into a nightmare.

The humans betrayed us. They started making Factories that were unhealthy to the earth. It affected all of us. One day,The wolves would be fine, The next, The die. And the humans peronallity changed, Also. They started kicking all the canines ut of their homes. The ones that still lived started forming packs. Little did the humans know that a sickness was overtaking them....

The humans eventually became... Something else. They were rotting. Inside of them, they were rotting. Then, Finally... All of them died. But their deaths didn't last long...

The humans returned. But they weren't humans anymore. They were monsters. Rotting, dead and deadly monsters. With no one to care for the factories, They eventually exploded into oblivion. Imagine, All the factories in the world exploding? Well, Some of those factories included things like Nuclear Reactors. One by one, Continents were destroyed. First came Asia. Then Europe. After Went North and South America. The last one to not explode was Australia, Were the very last pack remained. Wolves of other contries fled to australia, and far. But, Eventually, Australia was destroyed aswell. But the wolves were no longer on there. They fled to a large island. But the wolves weren't the only ones who fled...

Welcome to the last island on earth.

But why am I explaining you this, If your a member?!

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Marr *waves*

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Marr *waves* Empty Marr *waves*

Post by Marr on Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:33 pm

Name: Marr

Age: 5

Nickname: Rawr-rawr (from mate)


Sexual orientation: Homosexual

Mate: Lost

Pup(s): None

Rank: Guardian

Physical Appearance: Marr's no body builder. Shes got lean, bone-hugging muscle that serves her well enough, though. Marr has thick, rough fur that tends to spike up, and bunches along her shoulders and shine to form a sort of 'mane' tipped in black.
Her main coat is a light russety color. Black stockings cover her forelegs, and socks on her hind. Marr has a white-tipped tail, and a white throat above a black chest. Most of her muzzle is black, all the way up to her odd eyes; one green, one brown.
Like I said, she's not heavily muscled. But not skinny. Slim, maybe. But no skinny. She's tall, and can kick like an angry horse. Literally. Besides that, shes got wicked-sharp black claws that blend into her fur and, of course, a nasty bite. That makes up for the rest.

Personality: Marr...... likes her sarcasm. And cynicism. She tries to keep her mouth shut, but.... stuff happens. It's sort of a natural defense for her. On the bright side, she's also a bit sadistic! Wait, never mind, that's bad.
Of course, Marr can be caring and nice and stuff. She did have a mate once. But then said mate disappeared and now Marr's kinda depressed. But it's not very obvious, 'cause she's got that whole 'tough wolves don't cry' mentality going. So poor Marr is forced to repress her 'sissy emotions' and then they turn into sarcasm and then she acts like an asshole.
Like most wolves, she's a big softy when it comes to romance. But now there's a big fat wall of 'oh-my-god-my-mate-might-still-be-alive-and-cheating-is-bad' and 'emotions are not manly badass'. And being badass is very important to Marr. But hey, if you can make it past that wall (and are a girl), Marr is a big, overprotective, softy. But also very badass.
Her softyness has to manifest somehow. So Marrs maternal instincts are in overdrive. She loves to take care of the younger wolves and teach them how to fight at an early age. Actually hurting them is a no-no, but Marr will happily let the pups rip apart a dead, or even living animal. She's still a fighter, and doesn't mind giving a few extra lessons on the stealthier side of fighting to young aggressors. And, if her precious wards are in good hands, Marr will happily run into a fight with the rest of the pack.

Fear(s): Emotional breakdowns, being replaced, being ignored, large cats

Attention, gold (the color), riots, shiny watches, flowers, alcohol, warmth

Dis-like(s): Replacing someone else, cannons, zombies (of friggin course), fireworks, fevers, sob-stories

History: In-progress

Rp Example: “We're lost. Stay close to me Reh. Remember what happened to the others. I don't want that to happen to you.” Marr muttered to her shivering mate. Her ears were still ringing from the screams, and she couldn't tell whether there was anything dangerous nearby.
As the ringing faded, Marr could hear faint moans behind her. Reh's shivering suddenly made that much more sense .Turning in circles, Marr tried to locate the source of the sound. Finally she pinpointed a wide street, just as humanesque forms began to appear.
“Reh, I want you to run the opposite way of the zombies, okay? Just run and don't look back.” The younger wolf was faster than Marr, and would have a better chance. Anyways, Marr could survive. “I can deal with a few zombies”
~Five minutes later~
Marr ran away from the hoard of undead. “That wasn't a few zombies....” Eventually, she managed to escape, not quite ready to die, “Great, what now?”

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Marr *waves* Empty Re: Marr *waves*

Post by Soul on Thu Jun 06, 2013 9:40 pm


And you are our first Lesbian!

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